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It will be possible to attend the conference live or via an online connection. The event will take place in accordance with the current regulations of the ÚVZ SR.



  • Current cybernetic attacks and ransomware
  • Utilization of artificial intelligence and machine learning in the field of cybernetic safety
  • Remote access safety in the context of increased remote work from home
  • Zero Trust Network Access
  • Cloud services safety
  • IoT/ OT security and vulnerability, especially in the 5G environment
  • Security orchestration and automatization


In his late 20s, Jamie Woodruff is one of the world’s leading authorities on hacking and cyber security. Woodruff entered the public eye when he successfully hacked Facebook as part of a student competition at Bangor University where he was studying computer information systems. He has since uncovered security holes in numerous high-profile operations, including Kim Kardashian’s website, which he hacked to reveal that it was putting her fans’ data at serious risk. He is currently Chief technology Officer of an IT Support and Security specialist company in the UK. They specialise in training, cloud solutions, penetration testing and support schools with a full range of IT. He is also the cyber safety advisor for the Cyber Smile Foundation which specialises in online cyber bullying. Jamie Woodruff talks about the importance of system and network security and is known for disclosing world-wide exploits and vulnerabilities within leading security applications such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Apple and Google. He finds existing exploits by infiltrating the companies in question. He demonstrated this by impersonating a Domino’s pizza delivery boy at a large financial institution and gaining access to their server room via pick-locking. All carried out under fully authorised, ethical penetration testing. Woodruff is now also focusing on AI Security strategy and Development.



08:00 - 08:45


08:45 - 08:55

The Changing face of cyber security Jamie Woodruff
key speaker

08:55 - 09:35

In this thought-provoking, fast-paced and inspiring talk, Europe's leading ethical hacker Jamie Woodruff will take you through the evolution of cyber-security, hacking and social engineering. He will explore the often-overlooked areas of weaknesses in many organisations, providing applicable insights into cybersecurity frameworks, human behaviour and tech policy. Jamie will share some of his incredible stories and physical infiltration anecdotes at well-known corporations, in order to prove the ease of accessing these mission-critical systems where companies hold their data. Including live on-stage demonstrations, this eye-opening session will also provide ideas for remedies that individuals and businesses can implement, in order to immediately ensure greater security and safety.

Don’t trust anyone! Tomáš Vobruba
Technical Presales Specialist, Check Point

09:40 - 10:10

The basis of the Zero Trust (ZT) principle is that you do not trust anyone, even employees (especially not them…). We will show you practical aspects of ZT architecture implementation using specific cases from the recent period.

Are legacy applications safer than microservices? Luboš Klokner
Senior System Engineer, F5

10:15 - 10:45

Monolithic applications are perceived as something to get rid of. On the other hand, they have been here with us for many years and we have learned a lot from them. Let us have a look at how to secure applications in the dynamic environment of containers and microservices so that we do not have to limit DevOps teams.


10:45 - 11:05

Advanced persisting threats in the corporate environment Robert Lipovský
Senior Malware Researcher, ESET

11:05 - 11:35

Over the last year, many significant APT attacks have been revealed, which have affected countries across the European continent – from France to Eastern Europe and the Balkans – and across a wide spectrum of organizations – from governmental and military institutions to private companies. In this presentation we shall look deeply into a few examples, including one of the most dangerous APT groups in history - Sandworm. We will also focus on the role of so-called supply-chain attacks in the attacker´s repertoire, on the MITRE ATT&CK tests of EDR safety solutions, and we will talk about how to protect yourself from modern advanced threats.

The new standard - work from office or home? Milan Habrcetl
Cybersecurity Specialist, Cisco

11:40 - 12:10

The COVID pandemic changed all scenarios we were used to. Overnight, companies and employees had to handle a new situation: work from home and work from quarantine. How did organizations manage this? What should the security strategy for hybrid work from anywhere look like? We will concentrate on the concept of Zero Trust Network Access for elimination of risks associated with security measures for working from the office, branches and home office, as well as, for example, from an airport or a train station.

Automated security in the world of hybrid cloud. Jakub Veverka
Senior Solution Architect, Red Hat

12:15 - 12:45


12:50 - 13:50


Jamie Woodruff

Tomáš Vobruba

Luboš Klokner

Robert Lipovský

Milan Habrcetl

Jakub Veverka